What markets or design centers do you attend?

I go to the D&D Building on Third Avenue and the NY Design Center at 200 Lexington Avenue on a regular basis. I have gone to High Point occasionally, but I do get many trade publications to follow the market.

Do you shop online very often?

Most of my shopping is done directly in markets. If I can’t find the products physically in New York City, I will look online, but go to see it somewhere that I can see it. If not, then I might purchase it online.

Do you have a favorite fiber of area rug?

In simple terms, I follow what the project demands and what the client requires. I love working with wool and silk. Our work is quite diverse. Every job requires individual attention and taste. The fiber often is dictated by the traffic in the area. For instance, I seldom put a rug in a kitchen, or, say, under a kitchen table if there are children in the family.

Do you purchase custom rugs?

I buy custom rugs primarily from Stark Carpet. If they have a rug my client particularly likes but we need it in other colors, we buy it with custom colors. They can usually turn it around in a 12-week period. I also buy custom rugs from Hokanson Carpet.


When does color enter the picture?

Early in the project. Very often if the client wants to work with a particular rug, we will build the room color around that. If it is custom, we can work around that too. It can go both ways. I often work with Art Deco patterns and tend to work more in contemporary styles, than with traditional at the moment. Here again it depends on the project.

Do you have any design rules you particularly like to follow or perhaps break?

One of my instructors at the NY School of Design once said years ago, “As you get more experience, you learn to break rules. Many rules are meant to be broken by experienced people. But it takes experience to know when to do this.”

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