When do you chose the floor covering?

It always depends on the individual project. If it is a new house, the wood, carpeting, tile flooring all evolve around the needs, wants, and style of the owner, and the input I receive from them. Perhaps they are looking for a heated tile or stone floor.

What markets do you attend?

I love hand scraped wood floors.


We are located in the International Market Square in Minneapolis with lots of products and services readily available. I do go to the High Point Market regularly.

Do you have a favorite area rug dealer?

I particularly like Woven Arts and Kravet, as well as Stark Carpet, Aubry Angelo and Cyrus Rugs. Stark Carpet has some unique designs, lovely needlepoint rugs, as well as a wide variety of rugs available for custom. Alex of Cyrus Rugs has been in the business for over 20 years, is very knowledgable, and has some lovely antique rugs.  He is particularly good with color and is very talented. He carries all kinds of Orientals from Iran, Afghanistan, the Caucuses and all over. He has many unique one-of-a-kind rugs.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber?

Of course wool is hard to beat, particularly a wool and silk combination. I love rugs that have a sense of age, such as low pile washed Pakistani ones. A more casual look appeals to me, such as an Oushak.  A tightly knotted Tabriz may be too formal. I love the tribal, more primitive look, often found in kelims. Overall I am fond of the classics. I wish the Aubussons were more easy to find.

Do you use the internet often for purchases?

Not often. Sometimes a supplier will show me a rug on the internet to see if I am interested in it. I usually have to see it in person, so he has it shipped to me on approval.

Do you have any design rules you particularly like or any you like to break?

I often use rugs to pull seating groups together. A larger rug will unite two seating areas in a room. There is a rule to place the whole chair on a rug, however, I don’t follow that. I find that rule too confining and too tight. It depends on the setting—sometimes a chair half on and half off the rug works well and opens up the room.

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