One stage of RevitaRUGS' cleaning process

The rug cleaning firm RevitaRUGS will have a booth at the New York International Carpet Show in September. RevitaRUGS, based in South Hackensack, NJ, specializes in the cleaning of antique and Oriental rugs. It uses a process based on traditional methods but incorporating high technology. It’s a “new kind of rug cleaning,” according to Azita Goldman, VP Business Development.

The RevitaRUGS process has been praised by, among others, principals at Eliko, Parvizian, and Looms of Persia.

Ms. Goldman was enthusiastic about NYICS. “The merchants who are buying at NYICS are our end users. We’re also eager to introduce Revita to the interior designers and architects who will be there.”

More information on RevitaRUGS is available at the company’s website,, or by calling the company at (855)573-8482.


NYICS will take place at the 7W building in Manhattan, September 9-11, 2012. For further information, contact [email protected].