Loloi Rugs has officially launched its page on Pinterest, an online community that allows users to upload and share images on a virtual pin-board.

“Pinterest is an incredibly popular platform for consumers seeking visual inspiration in areas like home decor and fashion, which is just the kind of demographic we want to engage”, says Cyrus Loloi.

Loloi has a series of boards that range from texture, design, and color trends to a compilation of interior styles and fashion movements. Each board has a multitude of inspiring images from architecture, fashion, home decor, and nature, in addition to its own products that correspond to a particular trend.

“What’s interesting about Loloi’s Pinterest page is our Product Developers pin images to the site as well, particularly ones that they used for inspiration in developing products that relate to that board’s respective trend. By leveraging Pinterest, we are able to give people a transparent look into the influential sources behind our design. In turn, we hope Pinterest users can follow our boards for decorating ideas and ultimately drive traffic to our dealers when they’re ready to purchase a rug”.


Pinterest users can find follow Loloi Rugs at