iRugz is a free mobile app for shoppers using wireless devices – iPhone, iPad, Android, and more. It uses the power of eCatalog to allow shoppers to review thousands of rugs at the touch of a finger and then directs them to your store to buy.

Shoppers can start their search in 8 different categories – style, origin, shape, size, color, weave, price, and fabric content – to find the exact rug they are looking for. It’s simple. Logical. And the way millions of consumers shop today.

Using their smartphones or wireless tablets, they can quickly narrow their search, compare one rug to another, see design details up close, and set a background that most closely resembles the type of flooring in their home…even float the rug in a photo of an actual room in their home and manipulate it to get an idea of what it would look like there.


Once they’ve made their selection, then iRugz sends them to you to buy. It displays YOUR store address, map & driving directions, phone number, email, and website. One touch puts them directly in touch with you. A customer click on email sends an immediate message to you and starts a dialogue between the shopper and your store. You automatically have their email address and know which rug they’re interested in, making it easy to follow up and much more likely to make a sale.

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In 1994, the first generation of RMPro®, was developed as an in-house solution for David Khazai’s wholesale and retail oriental rug business. By 1995, through Khazai’s contacts in his wholesale business, RMPro® had over 75 active users in the Oriental rug industry -- without any marketing effort. The unexpected success of this in-house solution caused Khazai to explore the possibility of further development of this software package. In 1995, the first truly commercial version of RMPro® was released, and made an immediate impact, with multiple new installations within the first year. Since then, frequent and regular updates/upgrades continue to add functionality, enhance ease of use, and incorporate new and improved features that take advantage of technological advancements and respond to new retail realities. In 2010, the product was renamed RMPro!ngenuity and added standard and optional features not available anywhere else. Since 2005, the company has also moved into web-based internet products that provide retailers, wholesalers and consumers with powerful new technologies that benefit all. Now renamed Innovations International to more accurately reflect expansion into emerging technologies, the company recognized the power of the internet early and moved aggressively to develop tools in that arena for the rug and other similar retail businesses. As always, the intent was to provide small to midsized retailers with the ability to compete successfully in a rapidly changing environment. Innovations International introduced eCatalog in 2009-2010, compiling tens of thousands of rugs from major vendors into an electronic database with an extraordinary search engine. eCatalog cuts costs for wholesalers/vendors, increases product exposure to consumer markets, speeds new product introduction and more. On the retail side, eCatalog allows participating stores to increase their inventory selection exponentially; it reduces/eliminates employee training, shortens sales time, eliminates errors, and improves the retailer/customer relationship. Additionally, eCatalog offers huge savings in time and money for retailers by allowing them to print their own customized hanging tags in-house in a matter of seconds. Consumers in a retail store with eCatalog can easily search and select exactly the rug they want; see all variations in size, color, shape, and price in a matter of minutes. In 2010-2011, Innovations International also recognized and responded to the trend toward increased consumer use of mobile devices for shopping and developed iRugz, a mobile app that allows consumers to search and select rugs using the powerful search engine in eCatalog. Once a rug has been selected, iRugz identifies the local retailer, and provides contact information, maps and directions to the store. We have no intentions of stopping there. As new technologies prove themselves to be valuable in empowering small to midsized retailers to compete effectively with the big players, we will continue to make them accessible, available and affordable.