When do you choose the floor covering? 

It depends on the look that I will be doing. If I will be using an Oriental carpet, then I start there first. I will have the client participate in the selection

and then use that carpet as the foundation of the room. If I am going for a very clean look and am using broadloom or a custom area rug, then I choose it after the upholstery has been established. There are so many patterns and designs from which to choose. I always find the perfect selection that pulls the room together.

One of my specialties is custom homes. When working on a project I like to do a variety of carpets, textures and weaves. I select the carpet based on the function of the room, the amount of traffic it will get, whether there are pets or not and of course the look for the client.

How often do you purchase a custom rug?

I purchase a custom rug frequently, as it is important to have the appropriate sized carpet for the room. I cannot stress this enough.  The right size carpet makes the room look finished and even alters the appearance of the size of the room. It also softens the look of the room and creates an appealing atmosphere. Whether you are covering hardwood, tile or broadloom, the right carpet can make the space look finished, feel grounded, and bring life to a room. The carpet must be carefully planned.


Where do you source your rugs?

My favorite is Shayan Persian Rugs. The owner has taught me everything I know about oriental carpets, and I can send clients there, knowing they will be kindly treated. For custom carpets and broadloom, I use Fabrica International and Stark Carpet located in the Washington Design Center in Washington, D.C. I do not purchase online or use catalogs, as I want to see the colors in person with the fabrics I will be using.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber?

I love the Persian carpets, because they are works of art and come in so many patterns and colors. Many clients have expressed a dislike of what they think oriental carpets are, until they meet me at Shayan Persian Rugs. I have converted many clients to Persian carpets. Wool is my favorite fiber for the look, the feel, the color, and the practical nature of being easy to clean. It is also the green option, because it is a renewable resource.

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