10/10 Peshawar from Amici Imports

For the first time, Amici Imports will have a booth at the New York International Carpet Show. Amici made the decision because NYICS is “the show that attracts buyers focused on hand knotted product,” according to Chuck Cashin, SVP Sales/Logistics at Amici. “It’s an opportunity to be involved in a show that caters to high end hand knotted retail dealers, and to interior designers.”

Amici will be introducing four new handwoven collections from Pakistan and India, as well as contemporary handwoven designs from Nepal. “Although Amici Imports is well known for its tufted and machine made production,” Cashin commented, “we feel this is a great opportunity to show the variety of our hand knotted production.”

The photo here is of a 10/10 Peshawar (Tuscan III 1978 rust/rust), one of the hand knotted pieces from Pakistan that Amici will be featuring at the show.

Additional information about Amici Imports, including contact information, is available at http://www.amiciimports.com.


NYICS will take place at the 7W building in Manhattan, September 9-11, 2012. For further information, contact [email protected].