"Veracruz" from Gary Cruz Studio (NYC)

New York (May 8, 2012) –Texas born, New York-based designer Gary Cruz will introduce his ¡Viva Mexico! line of rugs at The New York International Carpet Show (NYICS), which will take place on September 9–11 at the 7 West Building in New York City.

The ¡Viva Mexico! line pays tribute to Mexican culture with seven new contemporary rug designs based on traditional Mexican motifs. These ancient abstract motifs range from serpents, sea shells, smoke, stepped-up fretwork patterns, to eyes or ears.

All of Gary Cruz Studio rugs are hand-knotted at 100 knots per inch in Nepal, using a combination of Tibetan Wool and Chinese Silk. The traditional Tibetan knot weaving method is used. They are Goodweave certified – no child labor is used. The rugs are made-to-order and can be customized in color and size at no additional charge.

The rugs in the collection are named after Mexican cities, and the motifs are updated and modernized by manipulating scale, repetition, and color.


In the Merida rug, an abstracted sea shell motif is enlarged, and repeated to form a new overall pattern, rendered in lush maroon silk on a golden wool background.

The Acapulco rug repeats a square plumed serpent design across the surface of the rug in a striped gradation of silk ocean blues on an off-white wool background.

Monterrey is a tone on tone all wool rug with a supersized Aztec abstract geometric design.

The Cuernavaca rug, is composed of an all-over pattern of dots and concentric circles derived from designs representing eyes or seeds. The coral colored silk dots are ringed by light teal circles on a darker teal background. Even though it’s geometric, the design is purposefully casual and imperfect.

The Veracruz rug is all pretty in pink. A stepped up fret design was stretched, enlarged, mirrored and repeated, to produce a large modern graphic. Then it was rendered in pink-on-pink wool with white silk outlining the shapes.

Cabo repeats a motif representing smoke or ears, in irregular lines across the background. The motif is rendered in lavender silk on a heathered dusty rose colored background.

The ¡Buenos Dias Buenas Noches! rug continues Mr. Cruz’s interest in using type or words on rugs. Here the Mexican greeting of Good Morning and Good Evening are used to form the pattern of the rug, with certain letters or symbols highlighted in different colors.

The New York International Carpet Show (NYICS) is a distinctive marketplace for the best contemporary and transitional decorative carpets in the industry. It is a showcase for innovative products by visionary weavers. Dates are September 9, 10 and 11, 2012 at 7 West, 7 West 34th Street, New York 10001. Entry is free for interior designers and architects. NYICS is an ASID Industry Partner.

For more information contact Adam Verboys / [email protected] / 617-823-6255