Allison Jaffe, ASID

Allison Jaffe Interior Design, Austin, TX

Where do you start with your design projects?

Before I begin assessing a room, I like to ask my clients to provide me with, if possible, inspirational images of what style they are trying to achieve. I then lay out a general floor plan that includes placing furniture that is proportional to the space.

When selecting furniture, I often start with the biggest piece in the room, for instance the sofa or dining table. From there we work our way down to the smallest detail including fabric and rug selections.

Do you have any particular design rules you follow?


I am a strong believer in function over form, which ties in nicely when discussing the needs of a space. I also love to work in collaboration with a client. I like to remind them that this is their space, not mine. I see myself as a guide, leading the client through the design process. It is important to me that a client is confident in their selections. I always tell them,” Ultimately this is your decision. I am just helping you to make the best decision possible for you and your home.”

What markets do you attend?

The closest market is Dallas, Texas, but because Austin has such great local shopping resources, I do not find much need to travel outside of the city. Not only that, but our economy has played a huge part in where I shop. Even my most well-to-do clients are price conscious.

 Do you have any favorite area rug companies?

You can find amazing rugs from Tufenkian and The Rug Company. Two other great resources are Kravat and FLOR Carpeting. Both companies are well priced and relatively customizable. For clients with a smaller budget, I shop online or in catalogs, occasionally buying at West Elm, Crate & Barrel and local rug showrooms.

Do you have a favorite fiber?

Nothing beats wool, and I absolutely love a wool and silk mix. It has so many wonderful qualities. It is well worth the price.

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