Melanie Turner, ASID

Melanie Turner Interiors, Atlanta, GA

When do you chose your floor covering?

It can be either right at the beginning or near the end, depending on the job. If the client has a lot of furniture and items, I sometimes use the rug to tie it all together or to add punch to the room. I prefer to choose the carpet first as it can set the tone.

 What markets do you attend?

I often go to the High Point and Atlanta markets. I do go to the D&D Building in New York, The Merchandise Mart in Chicago and sometimes shop in Los Angeles  It often has to do with convenience, depending on where my client may live or have a home


 Where do you source your rugs?

I really like Stark, Keivan Woven Arts, Asia Minor Carpets, The Rug Market, Merida Meridian and Mastour. Stark is always coming up with new ideas, fresh ideas. I mostly purchase custom rugs to get the correct size or color.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber of area rug?

It depends on the look and style needed. I love old oushaks. Of course I love wool. I do have to decide on whether a casual or traditional rug is needed and the price point. That all makes a big difference. Stylewise, I do like geometrics and graphics.

Are there any design rules you care a lot about?

I care a lot about the size of the carpet. People don’t buy them large enough, which looks ridiculous. The furniture should all be on the carpet, even if they have to buy two carpets and get them put together. Or all the furniture should be off the carpet, but not half on and half off.  The scale gets thrown off.

Do you shop online or use catalogs? 

I do shop online for indoor/outdoor rugs, as I consider the color of the rug to be less important then. I often buy Flor modular carpet tiles online.

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