Jane Abernathy Hahn, ASID

Interiors by the Sea, Beaufort, NC

 How do you start on your projects?

First and foremost I talk with my client to satisfy their needs. I am trying to help them by thinking of the whole picture  and by saving them time and money—time, because we can eliminate many choi

I try not to start with paint color, as there are a zillion colors from which to choose. I find a pattern—a fabric, a rug, a piece of art—and pull the major colors from that for the walls and large furniture pieces. Colors can lean towards cooler or warmer versions, like tomato-red seems warm, but a bluish-red, like a cranberry, will seem cooler. So those subtle differences should be kept in mind when looking for accent pieces. I am respectful of the correct tone of color needed.ces quickly that would be wrong and money, for the same reason. I try to prevent expensive mistakes. If the person is going in the wrong direction, I tell them so.

Where do you shop?

As I live miles away from a major city or design center, I shop primarily on online or by catalog. Taking a client to a major market, such as Atlanta, can be overwhelming for them. There is too much to see and absorb.


I go to manufacturers/dealer websites that I am familar with. Distinctive Carpets is one of my favorites. They are easy to work with. I also like the Company C line. I want the room to be more interesting. In the past I have sold a lot of Shaw Rugs and like the Michaelian Home catalog. If I find a company that I like and they are good to work with, they will get a lot of repeat business from me.

Do you have a favorite fiber?

My favorite is a wool rug. It is so practical. A medium-toned oriental rug hides a multitude of sins and lasts for a long time. I try to stick with all wool. Cotton can be good for certain things, but you have to be careful with synthetics.

Do you buy many custom rugs?

Not too many. A wonderful resource is Masland. For more expensive rugs, New River Artisans is amazing. Occasionally I will do a Designer Showhouse and need the “Wow” factor that a custom rug can offer, but showhouse rooms are not meant to be practical. They are not for a living, breathing client but are designed to impress and get attention.

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