Brian Snow, Allied Member ASID

SemelSnow Interior Design, Inc., Chicago, Il


What markets or design centers do you attend?

We shop all over. We are lucky to have incredible rug dealers here in Chicago, for both newly made rugs and antique rugs, but we will resource in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities as required to find just the right piece.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber?


For myself, I prefer Oushaks, Soumaks, Sultanabads and Tabriz antique rugs. There is just something soft, beautiful and understated about these types of antiques.  Wool is always the preferred fiber, however, I do love cotton Kilims in the right setting.

Do you often purchase a custom rug?

We do specify custom-made rugs when appropriate. The choice between antique and new is always client determined. As beautiful as antique rugs are, some clients just prefer newly made.

How important is being “green” to you?

I think “being green” is important. Certainly selecting an antique rug has an element of “being green” to it, no?

 What is your balance between the purchase of new and antique rugs?

I think it varies at any given time. Because our firm is Client driven, the balance between antique rugs and newly made rugs is constantly changing.

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