Skip Ryan

Ryan & Company, Cashiers, N.C.


When and how do you choose your floor covering?

Of course a lot depends on the job and what needs to be done. It isn’t often that I start with a totally blank canvas but must incorporate certain furniture items, area rugs and other accessories into the space. I like to use sisal and layer it with an old rug with character. If the rug is perfect, I am not interested. I like things to look as if they have been there for a while and are well loved. I don’t want it to look new. It needs to look slightly worn and faded. If it is a reproduction it must look somewhat old. The color of the rug depends on the room and the fabric theme in the room. And price, of course,  is important, old at a good price.

What about custom?


I will purchase a custom rug to fit the room, because of features in the room, such as a hearth or unusual shape.  Myers Carpet in Atlanta has a lot of stock and are quick to get me the rug I need in the size I need. They are very professsional and helpful. As I said I like to layer with sisal, and they can supply that quickly.

What about catalogs?

I get ideas from catalogs. Living in the area that I do, which is somewhat remote, catalogs are inspirational. I do look at catalogs like The Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Williams-Sonoma for ideas.

How important is being “green” to you?

Not at all. Of course, most of my purchases, which are wool or sisal, are already “green.”

What markets do you attend?

I really don’t go to any markets.