By Lisa Buie, Times Staff Writer
In Print: Sunday, March 11, 2012

Before she kicked the booze and cocaine, Diana Shingleton felt like an old shopping bag. Used, full of stuff, carried away, abused and ultimately tossed aside. “I had been through rehab several times, and I couldn’t even make it home without stopping for a drink,” said the 54-year-old former marketer for a Pittsburgh engineering firm. “I lost everything, my home, my family. Everybody hated me.”

After finding faith in God and quitting cold turkey three years ago, Shingleton looked to fill all those hours she used to spend drinking and sleeping. It was then she turned to crocheting rag rugs, a hobby she learned as girl from her mother and grandmother.

Wanting to recycle all the plastic shopping bags she had accumulated, Shingleton tried to make a rug with them.


“It worked,” she said. “So I started making rugs.”

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