There are five tabs across the top of the website that take you to five different areas:

Recent Issues

Here you’ll find an electronic copy of the print version of Rug News andDesign, page-by-page looking exactly as it does when we mail it. To facilitate your following up on any product featured in the articles and advertisements, there are links from each product to the website of the company that produces the product.

Walking the Market


“Walking the Market” has been a feature of Rug News magazine for decades. We’ve moved it to the website. Since this spring we’ve had people at all the major shows, posting photos of and comments about the rugs they’re seeing in the showrooms.

Our goal is to have the bulk of new introductions by companies exhibiting at trade shows online by the end of the second day. Before the end of any show we attend, you see what we see. And what we see is usually what the vendor is introducing as new.


In andDesign you’ll find relatively short pieces about interior design and designers, and their effect on the rug market.

Designers’ Notebook

Designers’ Notebook is a feature developed for the magazine that also appears on the website. It is meant to give those in the rug market some insight into how designers – who are increasingly important decision makers in rug purchases – do what they do. Each of the “notebook pages” is given over to a particular designer, with photos of the designer’s work and the designer’s responses to a series of questions designed to elicit information of special interest to those in the rug market. Questions vary somewhat, but often include where the designer sources rugs, what shows the designer attends, and how often the designer uses custom-made rugs.

What’s New

In “What’s New” you’ll find the latest news from our advertisers – including press releases, product introductions and pictures, videos, and personnel changes.

Check “What’s New” for the latest information about these companies’ products and people. This can be particularly useful in the run-up to a market, when we get a lot of material after the magazine is on press. On “What’s New” You can access that material as soon as it’s available.

Searching the Website

The website is searchable, by key word or phrase. For example, a recent search on the term “printed nylon” produced five hits – for rugs from Dalyn, Orian, Sabry, and Concord Global, as well as printed carpet tile from American Green. Further enhancing the utility of this feature is the fact that the Rug News Archive of past articles and issues will return soon to the website, this time in a searchable format.