According to Michael Mandapati, founder and creative director of Warp & Weft, the “Contemporary Creations, A Rug Design Competition” the rules are simple: 24 students created a contemporary design in an open medium with complete freedom in expressing their ideas on color and pattern.

Shown online for each entry is the collage type story board with an explanation of the thought process by the entrant attached (blow up for readability), and of course the design. Each design is numbered for anonymity. Enter FIT in the search function to see all the rugs entered.

The winners will be announced on November 4th, and highlighted online in Rug News andDesign dot com.

The designs are currently being exhibited in the Warp & Weft showroom at 145 Madison Avenue in NYC.  The competition was organized for students in the upper division Textile/Surfaces program at FIT.


The winning entry will be produced as a rug in time for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in May 2012 where it will be exhibited in the Warp & Weft booth. will display all the entries over the next two weeks.