Tricia Hogue
Scarborough-Phillips Design Inc., West Warwick, RI

Where do you source your rugs?

We are always looking for new sources, but when we are looking for rugs, we usually go to the Boston Design Center, Rustigian Rugs, DCOTA and New York sometimes. We try to listen to the client and help them interpret their thoughts — be it traditional or contemporary. We always try to remember this:  it is always about the client, not us.  We are a two person firm.  Jessie Dell and I like to be aware of trends, but strive for something that is not dated in six years.

We do custom rugs, here again depending on the job.  Sometimes we go to Steven King or Stark Carpet both in Boston or Rustigian Rugs in Providence.

Catalog or online?


We do online and catalog both.  It depends on the particular job and the budget.

Where do you start?

The first thing is the furniture plan and establishing the traffic flow. Then we begin to look for the rugs. Sometimes the client has a favorite color, or we are working with a particular fabric.  It all depends on the job.

As part of our philosophy, we say “always remember: don’t overdo, editing is a critical part of the design project. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”