Kathleen Rivers, Charleston, SC

Where do you source your rugs?

We buy a lot of antique rugs from favorite dealers in Atlanta, Charleston and North Carolina. My style is very classical, classic neutral colors and classic furniture—whether antique or con-temporary. We are not much into trendy styles but do love mixing a few fresh ideas in with the traditional. We use a lot of sisal in different textures and styles and a lot of antique Oushak rugs. Yes, we do some custom rugs through Archer Hannah Designs in Atlanta, Stark Carpets and A&M Carpets out of New York.

Catalog or online?

Yes, we buy a lot online, both from catalogs and from designer websites like 1st Dibs and Mecox Gardens. I am opening my own online designer boutique called “” which will be up and running by January. I have my own site at


Where do you start?

This varies enormously from client to client and from situation to situation. I love starting with the rug, as it can lead the way to the whole scheme. I also enjoy starting with the fabric. This is sometimes more challenging but equally fun.


ADAC  and Scotts Flea Market in Atlanta, where I find some great antique rugs, and the D&D Building in NY.

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