Kimberly JOI McDonald, Allied ASID, Assoc Member IDS
Designing JOI, LLC Las Vegas, NV 89134

What markets do you attend?

I attend the Las Vegas Market and will be attending the High Point Market. I do not have a favorite source for rugs However, I primarily source rugs at the Las Vegas Design Center at the World Market Center. I enjoy the availability of rugs and tactile experiences at Nourison, Safavieh, Karastan, Capel Rugs and Feizy, as well as Robert Allen and Rene Cezares. I conduct project research online, use catalogs and do onsite research, while creating a design plan. However, I purchase rugs in person to ensure that they are the right rug for the project. This enables me to feel, touch and assess how light reflects on the rug. I also obtain samples in advance before final approval and purchase.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber of area rug?

As a professional interior designer, I truly appreciate the beauty of all styles and how they enhance and function in a space. I hunt for the best accent rug for the space or project. As a green/sustainable design advocate, I prefer natural fiber rugs, such as wool with silk patterns or blends. Other criteria I assess are durability and performance, design aesthetic and cost. Thus far, I have an equal balance regarding the purchase of new and antique rugs for projects. Currently I purchase custom rugs infrequently, but hope to purchase more in the future. The creative process of designing a custom rug or case good is unparalleled, because you are producing a unique work of art, specifically tailored by color, texture, shape, size and finish for a project.


How important is being “green” to you?

Being a ‘Green Designer’ is very important to me, in addition to integrating natural and eco-friendly materials that do not compromise the function or beauty of a design. I look for rugs with non-toxic gases, which can exacerbate allergies, cause skin reactions and respiratory issues. We live in a glorious time when sustainability is becoming more expected and more easily achievable, since rugs can be made from bamboo, organic wool, or cotton, sisal, seagrass, shag, jute, cork, etcetera. Sustainable products foster better health and are naturally renewable. My goals are always to design to preserve our environment and world, where quality, beauty and sustainability are interdependent. Since design is a steadily-evolving profession, it is paramount to me to stay abreast of new items and innovation occurring within the design industry.

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