Eddie Lee, Eddie Lee Inc.
150 West 25th Street, Suite 404, New York, NY

What markets do you attend?

I attend market week in both New York and Los Angeles. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s happening in the industry and to catch up with other designers.

Where do you source your rugs?

If it is a custom project, I source my rugs in New York, since I will see strike-offs that I can bring to the client. If it is an existing rug, I source from all over—New York, Los Angeles, Miami, etc., depending on where the project is located. This gives the client and me the opportunity to see the rug on site. A good rug is a major investment and should be treated as such. I always like the chance to see a rug in the room BEFORE purchasing.


Do you have a favorite style or fiber of rug?

I love working with all types of rugs—wool and silk Tibetans, antique Persians, custom braided wool rugs, Chinese Deco rugs, et cetera. It all depends on the style of the project. For me, color is one of the first qualifications for a rug, right there with pattern. The color of a rug is a major factor in setting the mood of a room. I like a rug to complement a room, not necessarily match it. I make about five custom rugs per year, and also source numerous antique and new existing rugs. Custom is a wonderful option, as it allows me to perfect every aspect of the design—color, pattern, fiber, size and shape. I generally don’t purchase rugs online, since I like to be able to feel the rug’s texture and quality.

How important is being new to you?

Being new to the industry is not so important to me. I avoid fads or what happens to be ‘in’ at the moment. Whatever is ‘in’ will soon be ‘out’, and I think of a rug as an important investment that grounds a room and needs to stand the test of time. That doesn’t mean I don’t use a wild rug every now and again! It all depends on the projects.

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