As one of a number of gift and accessory innovators, the ICON 2011 awards honored Homescapes Carmel, in Carmel CA; Thompson Lange and his brother Beau recently opened a 12,000 foot home furnishings and accessory store(including a wine tasting room) in a recycled Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s store, with a renovation to LEED specifications.

As part of the build out, they installed 350 LED lights at $100 per light. And then they got the mall electrical assessment of $5,800 per month for electricity. After some negotiation the landlord agreed to monitor electrical usage, with the result that their electrical assessment is now $1,300  In seven months they paid for their lighting system.

And they have a ten year lease, at the end of which the LED lights will be operatinga at about 70% of original output. Also, there is no need for air conditioning in Carmel.