My friend did not want to get out of the car — said she couldn’t afford to. But she did and she did buy stuff as did I. The shop was one of those catering to the highend weekend house owners and their well-heeled guests — it carried everthing from tasteful dog collars to sustainable outdoor furniture. Homespice Decor  rugs were scattered artfully among large pottery floor vases — rugs so small they looked like samples (there were samples also spilling out of to-die-for baskets). A Chandre runner was in front of the busy cash register. “You sell a lot of scatters?” says I. “Oh yes, they just fly out of the door! And for every three scatters we sell, the customer comes back and orders a much larger rug — most often in a custom size. These little rugs are such money makers!”

“Do you go to market — if so where?”

“We love the Atlanta market — there is so much choice — so much — so new. That’s where we found Homefires several years ago — and yes, Chandra too.”

“Do you go on the rug floors to see the larger rugs.”


“Oh no — why would we?”