Jill Abelman, Inside Style Home
Las Vegas, NV 89118

What markets do you attend?

I do attend every Las Vegas Market, and of course High Point once a year.
I do not shop on the internet, as I want to support my trusted resources. If I am on the internet, I am looking at the websites of my favorite suppliers. I prefer to see the rugs in person and then refer to the catalogs and photo file that I take and file with detailed notes, while the markets are open.

How and when does color enter the design project?

Photo: Insidestyle, Jill Abelman

I select the area rug after the main furniture pieces and color scheme have been determined. To me, it’s treated just like a piece of art to enhance and further define the space and the personalities of the owners.

What about custom rugs? Or “green” rugs?

I do buy custom rugs from Surya, Jaipur and Creative Accents. These manufacturers all have rugs with a modern appeal that most of my clients are looking for. Creative Accents will make the rugs to your color and size order in a fairly short lead time. I also use Surya quite a bit and have been known to use a local tradesman to “bind” more than one rug together to get the size I need quickly.

I don’t specifically look for a “green” area rug unless the client is requesting it. If I have a choice between two that are similar and one is green, I will buy it. However, I must admit, I am on a mission to find the perfect piece for most of my clients, and “green” is not the first consideration.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber?


I love New Zealand wool rugs for the durability and sheer variety for most of my modern clients. I am also quite fond of cowskins that are stamped with other designs like zebra, etc., for a touch of whimsy and natural texture. However, like most designers, when I am searching for a perfect accent piece like a fine rug, I am open to all styles and fibers in the area rug, if they will make the space sing!

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